• An Air curtain is a modern device which , when installed on a door ,forms an invisible curtain of continuous air and thus prevents escape of conditioned air as well as entry of outside hot, humid and polluted air.

Advantages Of Air Curtain

  • Cuts down your electricity bills.
  • Helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene up to the required standard.

Application Area

  • popularly used in air conditioned departmental stores, halls, shopping malls ,export houses, cold storages, food processing industries, pharmaceutical plants, breweries & distilleries.

Types Of Air Curtain

  • Max air Air curtain are available in various models- Both horizontal & vertical
  • They are suited for door opening ranging to from 2.5 Ft. wide to 8 ft
  • Four different velocities – ranging from 12 m/s to 20 m/s and above

Normal Velocity 12 To 14 M/S:

Air curtain in this range are usually used for internal doors windows and such spaces where the outside wind velocity is not very high and effectiveness has to be compromised keeping into view convenience of door.

High Velocity 15 To 17 M/S :

Air curtain in this range are used for internal as well as external doors with a standard height of 7 Ft when used vertically.

Extra High Velocity 20 To 22 M/S

Air curtain in this range are mostly used for external doors and where it is important that no dust , insects or flies should enter. These are also used for internal doors as the thermal barriers where door height is more than 7 Ft to 9.8 Ft.

Special Purpose Velocity 24 M/S And Above

Air curtain of these velocities are special and are made according to specific requirements . These are ideally suited for dairies , food processing or other applications where it is extremely important that no outside pollutant should enter the premises.