We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of cyclone Type Dust Collectors. These multi cyclone dust collector/ industrial dust collector that we offer are ideal for removing particulate from the plant air efficiently and in a cost effective manner. These cyclone finds application for Cement Manufacturing Plant,Wooden Working,Material Grinding Process,Buffing Rock Crushing etc.


  • Exceptional Quality
  • Hi-Performance
  • Cost Effective and Compact Design
  • Low Power Requirement

Wet Air Scrubber

The Wet Air Scrubber is one specific type of air scrubber which has spray chambers which combine the capture techniques of cyclones and spray towers. The gas streams enter into the chamber tangentially at high speeds. The high speeds will induce a cyclonic action, and the centrifugal force from this promotes droplet separation, allowing the use of a smaller droplet size which increases collection efficiency. We at Max Air Hvacs Industries make scrubbers which are more efficient than spray towers and have lower liquid requirements. But at the same time they will also require more power due to higher pressure drops. They are preferred over spray towers for gas streams with heavier particulate loads. Here are some of the features of the unit manufactured by us :

  • It is finely tuned to eliminate odours and particulate associated with bacterial, viral and mould contamination.
  • The unit is designed for removal of large amounts of smoke, ash, animal dander and pollen.
  • It works well in medium to large commercial facilities like hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, prisons, manufacturing & agricultural facilities, and is ideal for disaster restoration firms.
  • It has a 12″ intake and exhaust hose flanges and filter monitoring gauge.Smoke or greasy odor emissions from restaurant kitchens are not acceptable inmany locations. One of the major issues faced by developers of high-rise hotelbuildings, condominiums and mixed use developments is how to provide a recognized and code approved way of treating kitchen exhaust air that is free of smoke and odor emissions and suitable for side wall discharge at or near ground level. Kitchen Scrubber is an air washer with refinement device which is used for cleaning kitchen fumes. The kitchen fumes are drawn from the kitchen hood through duct and enter the scrubber and flow horizontally. Considering the other scrubber designs, MAX AIR scrubbers have very low pressure drop and has maximum scrubbing efficiency.MAX AIR manufactures the wet type kitchen scrubbers, which are available in single skin metallic housing, accommodating aluminum/GI pre metallic filter, intake louvers, double bank GI spray headers with brass/PVC spray nozzles and PVC water eliminator. The unit is further complimented by SISW/DIDW centrifugal fan (fan section) to draw fumes through the scrubber and letting out relatively clean air. The water is re circulated by a pump through sump strainer.


Sr no Capacity CFM Dimension FAN SIZE Static Pressure/fan Rpm/fan Bhp/Hp air velocity m/s CPump Rating
L W H 65MM
1 3000 3300 850 1260 315MM 1299 rpm/ 1.70kw/ hp/8.7 m/s 1HP/2 P
2 4000 3500 1000 1350 355MM 1156 rpm/2.157 kw/ hp/9.2m/s 1.5HP/1.5P
3 5000 3500 935 1620 355MM 1144 rpm/2.675 kw/ hp/11.5m/s 1.5HP/1.5P
4 6000 3550 1100 1620 400MM 1014 rpm/3.22 kw/ hp /11m/s 2HP/2P
5 8000 3800 1200 1930 450MM 848 rpm/4.201kw/ hp/9.3m/s 2HP/2P
6 10000 3835 1300 1830 560mm 756 rpm/5.239kw/ hp/9.2m/s 3HP/2P
7 12000 3835 1550 1930 630mm 664 rpm/6.557 kw/ hp / 9.2m/s 3HP/2P
8 15000 4100 1650 2200 710mm 591 rpm/7.899kw/ hp/ 8.8 m/s 3HP/2P
9 20000 4200 2200 2200 800mm 509 rpm/14.16 kw/20 hp 5HP/2P
10 25000 4400 2300 900 900mm 458 rpm/18.51kw/25 hp 5HP/2P