The high pressure and low volume centrifugal fans are known as air slide blowers. The centrifugal fans are designed for high efficiency, smooth operation, and higher life span. Based on the application of centrifugal fan, it is known as air slide blower. The air slide blowers are used in various processes and environmental applications. The calculation of the capacity of air slide bloweris based on certain parameters such as conveyor volume, width of the airslide, length of the conveyor, and inclinde angle.

These air slide blowers are made of high pressure range from 620mm wvg to 650mm wvg and volume vary from 16m3/min to 50m3/min. we provide sturdy filter of different dimension used in air slide blower inlet .

FILTER SIZES: 300x300x50mm, 500X500X50MM,
90% Efficiency down
Pressure drop 4 to 12 mm wvg
Airflow: 850m3/hr, 2550 m3/hr, 3000m3/hr