Commercial Kitchen Ventilation (AIR WASHER / WET AIR SCRUBBER/ EXHAUST SYSTEM)

In a commercial kitchen, working conditions are exceptionally challenging. There are three main factors that affect thermal comfort which are as following: the temperature of the air, and air velocity and humidity. At the same time, contaminants are released at high emission rates from various cooking processes. Ventilation plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions as well as in securing contaminant removal. The science of commercial kitchen ventilation includes both exhausting air along with providing replacement air within the cooking area. Irrespective of the size of the restaurant such as a small free-standing or a large institutional kitchen, managing and balancing airflow is a complex issue. It is a challenge to properly ventilate commercial kitchens, as they require moving large volumes of air through ductwork and equipment placement in very restricted spaces. As a result, proper implementation of exhaust hoods with fresh air supply is necessary for every commercial kitchen for creating a healthy environment. Max Air offers performance enhancing ventilation products for commercial kitchen, centrifugal exhaust blowers for industries, comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe environments. We provide solutions for creating a positive indoor environment.


Smoke or greasy odor emissions from restaurant kitchens are not acceptable in many locations. One of the major issues faced by developers of high-rise hotel buildings, condominiums and mixed use developments is how to provide a recognized and code approved way of treating kitchen exhaust air that is free of smoke and odor emissions and suitable for side wall discharge at or near ground level. Kitchen Scrubber is an air washer with refinement device which is used for cleaning kitchen fumes. The kitchen fumes are drawn from the kitchen hood through duct and enter the scrubber and flow horizontally. Considering the other scrubber designs, MAX AIR scrubbers have very low pressure drop and has maximum scrubbing efficiency. MAX AIR manufactures the wet type kitchen scrubbers, which are available in single skin metallic housing, accommodating aluminum/GI pre metallic filter, intake louvers, double bank GI spray headers with brass/PVC spray nozzles and PVC water eliminator. The unit is further complimented by SISW/DIDW centrifugal fan (fan section) to draw fumes through the scrubber and letting out relatively clean air. The water is re circulated by a pump through sump strainer.